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Do I lose my text messages when I put the new sim card into my blackberry

  • 16 December 2021
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Rec’d the new SIM card.

Have an existing Blackberry.

Will be changing the SIM card out from Telus to Koodo.  Will be porting my cell number from Telus to Koodo

Question:  will the text messages I have still be there once i do the switch?

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2 replies

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@tnenash once a text message makes it to your phone, that’s where it stays.  So any received on your BlackBerry will stay there and not be available on your new device.   Most new Android phones and likely iPhones (sorry no experience) come with utilities to help you import data from a previous device but I’m not sure if they would work with a BlackBerry as the source or not these days--likely not but I can’t confirm either way.  If you were going from one Android phone to another there is a utility I would recommend you to use to move your text messages over, but I don’t know of any equivalent way to export them on a BlackBerry (as I’ve been away from the platform since I think 2015),

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@tnenash I just re-read your post and I misread what you were asking.

Right now, you have your Telus SIM card in your BlackBerry, and you have a bunch of text messages on the BlackBerry which you have received to date.  Those already-received messages will remain on your BlackBerry, regardless of what SIM you have in there (or if you take it out and have no SIM card in the phone).  

In other words, when you put your new Koodo SIM card in the BlackBerry, those text messages will still remain on the BlackBerry.  I believe this is what you were actually asking, so my apologies for the original reply.


Beyond your question, and back to how I read the question earlier:

Hopefully you know that your BlackBerry will stop working in just a few weeks; on Jan 4, 2022, all BlackBerries will essentially become paperweights.  More info here:  https://www.blackberry.com/us/en/support/devices/end-of-life#:~:text=As%20another%20milestone%20in%20the,date%20of%20January%204%2C%202022..

Hopefully you are aware of this and have plans to move to another device (iPhone or Android).  Let’s assume you also have a new phone on the way to you.

On your new phone, regardless of which SIM card you put in the phone (your existing Telus or your new Koodo), you will not have access to the previously-received text messages on the new phone.  You can still keep your BlackBerry on hand to reference those old messages until you’re sure you no longer need them, and then wipe/factory reset the BB and take it for recycling (at your local recycling depot, or a big box store like Best Buy or Staples).  There may be tools that let you back up the messages form the BlackBerry and then import them into your new phone, though I’m not sure.  If you let us know what device you will be switching to, we can try to gather some more relevant info and advice for that process.

Hopefully that helps.


EDIT: sorry one last clarification is needed.  If your BlackBerry is an Android BlackBerry such as listed below, you can disregard my warning about it becoming useless on Jan 4th:

If you have any other BlackBerry, it runs BlackBerry 10 or BlackBerry 7.1 or older, and my warning applies.  Sorry for any confusion.