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Do I have to buy a data plan with the iPhone 5S?

I'm getting an iphone but I don't want the data package. I have no use for it so is it possible to get a plan that does not included data since it is quite expensive

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Yes!  You can get a Canada Wide Talk and Text that does not come with data.
If you happen to need data, it is pay per use
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You can choose whatever plan you want (with or without data). Keep in mind though that if you choose a plan without an allotment of data, make sure that you disable data on your iPhone so you do not consume any pay-per-use data.
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Out of curiosity, is there a particular reason you don't want/need a data package? It means unless you're on Wi-Fi -no iMessage -no E-Mail -no Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Instagram... (social media) -no Facetime/Skype/Viber/Tango... (video calling) and regardless of Wi-Fi or not, no MMS (Picture Messages) Just seems odd to me to get a "Smartphone" but not use any of the "Smartphone" features unless you're on Wi-Fi.
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I do have one question.....you are buying a an iphone, a high-end smartphone. What do you mean you have no use for data? That's one of it best features from all the apps to the ease access to the world. Or are you saying that you predominantly use wi-fi?
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My suggestion is to get a simpler/cheaper phone and an Ipod touch honestly if this is the case.  Since on top of what John said without wifi you would also loose the ability to

Use the weather/maps apps
Use iCloud (backing up contacts and such)
Use a good chunk of useful downloaded apps.

Plus if you wanted to use the Tab L to get the phone as cheap as possible you have to use  a Tab L plan, all of which include data so it'd quite possibly be cheaper to have the two devices instead of one.
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To be fair the first couple years I had my iPhone I phone i never had a data plan. I was cheap and didn't want the extra cost. I didn't want to be dependent on data. And I had wifi at home and at work. So I can see why Katherine is asking this. It's why I choose Koodo because I didn't need a data plan 🙂
I have an iPhone i use data sometimes but not everyday. I mostly use WIFI, because where you go theirs always a WIFI.