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Do holidays count?

I'm trying to cancel my plan today because today is the 13th day since I activated Koodo plan (activated on June 19th). I was told that if I cancel the plan within 14 days I get charged with $0.00 so I'm trying to cancel as soon as possible but they don't seem to answer my call today because it's Canada day today. Do holidays count?

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Holidays count as regular days. Koodo is open today.
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Yes, holidays count, customer service is open today, and although you can return the phone for a full refund you will be charged a prorated portion of your monthly plan rate for the days the phone was active, otherwise it becomes a free 14 day loaner program.
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Hi there, if you bought your phone online, you must contact our customer service over the phone (*611 from the cell or 1-866-995-6636, option #5). If you bought your phone in a Koodo store or retail partner (Best Buy, Futureshop...), you must return the phone at the point of purchase. There is no cancellation fees and you won't be charged for the handset but, as per Timo's reply, you will indeed be charged a proration for the number of days you were using the phone. Can I ask you why you wish to cancel your account? ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.