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Disappointment with customer service

  • 4 January 2021
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today I tried to communicate with a representative from customer service loyalty, to do so using the self serve chat i scheduled a call back for 7:00pm. After receiving the call back I was given the prompt to “press 1 to speak with a customer service representative” which I then did and then for the next 10 minutes my phone continued to ring until eventually the call back system hung up on me before connecting me to the representative. Upon recalling the system I was sent to the regular customer service line which then leads to a text being sent reconnecting me to the koodo chat that wanted me to reschedule another call back that would not be until tomorrow morning. I continued to message in the chat that I would like to speak to a human customer service representative only to be sent through the same loop over and over again. This system was frustratingly un-hepful to the point that I had to continue to explain my disappointment to finally be led to this forum. I have been a loyal koodo customer for 10 years and am extremely dissapointed with the service I received.

3 replies

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@mbarts117 - I’m sorry about the experience you had tonight. The issue with the ringing after your callback connected has been mentioned a couple of times, and is being investigated. For context, the vast majority of our call center staff have been working remotely since COVID became what it is last March/April,  and because of that, we’ve seen issues like this pop-up sporadically, but it has been difficult to mitigate, due to individual connectivity set-up. 

With regards to rescheduling your callback, by the time you attempted to do so we were closed for business, so the next time slot would in fact be for tomorrow.

That said, you can ask your question here in the meantime - there are lots of knowledgeable fellow customers willing to help. Or, if it’s more convenient than booking a callback for tomorrow, you can send us a private message on Facebook and one of our reps can help you out there (mind you, that will also be tomorrow at this time.)

just did another call back service where the same thing happened again where after I answer the call and follow the prompt of “press 1 to speak to a representative” doing so the phone continues to ring for 10 minutes and then the service drops the call. This is extremely disappointing  and frustrating as well as the response from koodo does not seem to imply anything is being done to resolve this issue. 

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Going by the notes on the account, it looks like you managed to get in touch with someone tonight.
Let us know if you need help with anything else.