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Determine which of The two SIM cards sent to me is having the monthly data plan of six gb. and which has just talk and text?

  • 22 February 2021
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I received two sim cards for two phones that I want to use as a new customer and want to use them with phones that I already own. The more modern phone will be more suitable for the data plan of 6 gb.’s per month. The older phone is more suitable for talk and text. How can I determine which card has the data plan and which is for talk and text, before I insert them into the correct or incorrect phone. Until I can figure this out I fear getting setup incorrectly. To avoid a mix - up it would be good if I knew which was which for the sim cards?

2 replies

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Easiest way may just be to put a sim card into one of the phones and make a call to one of your numbers.

If the call goes to voice-mail then you know the number you called belongs to that sim card.

(This is assuming you know the phone numbers and which plan was assigned to which phone number). If not you should be able to find this information out by signing into your self serve account.

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It is a great suggestion by Allan.  I would also add that you should probably put the sim in the older talk and text phone for this test