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Dear koodo please do this

I think you guys have great options with the tab and medium tab ect but let's face it; people lose or break their phones and nobody can dish out that kind of money for a new phone when they're oh so desperate. I think it would be a great innovative idea to offer a "last resort" option where customers can have a flexible add on payment towards a new phone. No provider has done this yet and Everyone would be forever thankful!

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Well, this is the Tab, already.  The [i]payment is simply built into the plan.

I once bought a watch for $15.  I lost it, and bought another.  Lost it again.

I waited a week, and bought a $200 one.  I still have it.

Once you pay dearly for something, you tend to treat it with care and not lose it.  That, in my opinion, is a better idea than going into more debt.