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data usage???

  • 15 September 2020
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I have all data OFF on my phone yet I am being charged $10.00 for data used??????

How do u talk to an actual rep without the runaround of automated machine???????????


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13 replies

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There are reps here. But disputing the data use charge would be best done by sending a private message to Koodo via Facebook messenger or dm via Twitter to get it sorted out. How much data did it show as used?

Thanx for your response. They say i used .0254 mb. & they charged me $10.00. Now I noticed on a different day I it says I used more than that with no charge. I am soooo confused! My data is shut off and all the apps that say may have usage are shut off as well! I am not part of facebook or twitter. Is this the only way to contact them??

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You'd have to otherwise use the chatbot to request a callback. It's rather simple creating a basic twitter account to use solely for contacting Koodo. It's a shame that there is no chat provision on here but it is what it is.


Thanx for your time hag8d

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To @margaretb Please address your concern to koodo official ref @Bernard Koodo who responded to my concerns (2 days ago on similar matter) about minor data ‘leaks’ when Mobile Data is disabled by telling the community that Koodo has a 250kb margin built in to ensure that customers will not be charged for such small leaks 

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@margaretb  Here is the direct quote:

@nim4165 We are not the OEMs of the phones that create the issue. Despite this, we have taken several steps to protect customers.  All plans do come with a built-in 250kb data buffer, more than enough to account for accidental “leakages”. Anything past that is controllable by users. Ensuring they take proper steps to minimize data flow on their devices.  Some people still want to be able to send pictures to friends and family which does require the “data pipe” to be open. For those the service we offer is data block. Allows sending pictures without having to worry about using data. 

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@margaretb what plan are you currently on? I’m asking because obviously you have no need/want for data and there might be better alternatives for you… we’d be happy to find you something better if possible :)

@nim4165 :

i used .0254 mb

Koodo has a 250kb margin built in

That splains her overage, no?

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Thanx for your response. They say i used .0254 mb. & they charged me $10.00. Now I noticed on a different day I it says I used more than that with no charge. I am soooo confused! 

Its because they charge you up to 100MB for $10 as overage.  once you went over 250kb, then $10 kicks in till you reach to 100mb.

Check your phone settings.  Because even if you turn off your data, data leakage still could happens.  You need to restrict/ disable background data usage. 

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@Sofia  Does not splain at all: 0.0254 Mb is 25.4 kb (should be ignored if the margin is 250kb)

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@nim4165 OP may have added the extra zero.  If they shared a screenshot of the bill all could be straitened out. 

I did not use any date and all data usage is blocked in my phone. All background data usage is disabled for all apps. Still I was billed $7 for data usage in my last bill  for data size 0.1611 MB

How to contact Koodo for refund?

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Hi @meenamehta 


Thank you for reporting the issue here.

The data usage triggers automatically while data is turned on.


Since data may be turned on accidentally, best way to prevent accidental data usage in the future, is to add the data block feature (currently $3/month), which offers the possibility to send and receive unlimited picture messages (which requires data enabled in the phone settings), but it keeps data overages away at the same time.


In regards to the data usage incurred on your last bill, please send us a message via Facebook or Twitter so we can have a look.