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data overage atlantic canada

  • 27 September 2022
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In Atlantic Canada working remotely through hurricane Fiona. I’ve only had options to top up data not unpause and pay per use. Picture added so you can see the options I was given, same through self serve website. Seeing that top ups will not be waived is unacceptable. Also having to unpause and add 1GB at a time is not helpful. I need consistent data to keep working without power/internet. Now given option to unpause after multiple top ups, Will all data use over what my plans covers be waived? And can you unpause my data to the end of the bill cycle? 


6 replies

Bump. Same question, scheduled a callback with a koodo rep but they had no idea. They read back the short blurb from the website. Now im out of data for my next billing cycle which ends next month ☹️

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@Peekaf  We see you talked to one of our reps and the shared with you the following:

“...we are proactively waiving all domestic voice, long distance, text and data overage fees incurred by eligible TELUS Mobility and Koodo postpaid customers...”

On our website the following banner is also shown:

Looks like you have already purchased a top up.  I hope this helps. Stay safe.

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@Meag_mc Indeed all data overages for eligible customers will be waived during the period stated. Unfortunately there is no way to simply unpause your data as we don’t have an unlimited data offering. :-( 

Is there an option to add more than 1GB at a time? Having my work cut out for minimum 15 minutes every time I need to add a top up is not really productive.  I’m now being told that I can’t unpause as a data top up has already been added, but my data is indeed paused. An unlimited data option would be incredibly helpful through this situation @Bernard Koodo 

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An option (it may or may not work) would be to go into your self serve > Usage > Data preference and turn off your shock free data notifications.

But make sure to re-enabled it or you may incur unexpected overage when Koodo stops waiving overage charges in the future

Are they including all top-ups? I accidentally topped up 4GB cause I didn't think it was going through cause of the service. I don't want to pay $100 for this