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Data Cycle Complaint

  • 16 November 2021
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Iam a kodoo customer and I had a bad experience my data finished same day of my new cycle and I purchased a couple of extra data.

The new data cycle un paused after 2 and  half hours from the expected time.

I got a call back but issue wasn't sorted out by the supervisor  on the phone.

Service became bad and I need action and explanation regarding that.

I always  pay my  Bill's on time but service should be done properly and delivered on time.

I purchased extra data and I am willing to despute the extra data as it's not fair that service  delayed and net work even became worse in some location its showing emergency calls only.

Any one from the complaint office can contact me please to sort the issue.

It looks like customer paying for the service and the service delayed.

Data concern is very important I suppose to chat with my mam urgently that time but service came late.

4 replies

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Was the data blocked because you reached your limit or what happened more specifically ? 

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What to plan do you have and how much data is included?

My data finished sameday and I purchased  extra datas  and I finished  that it's fine but the new data cycle was late for two and haf hour to start.


I have 8 GB plan with unlimited calls and messages.

I purchased couple of extra data after my data finished