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Data charges

I've been at home using my phone and I got a notification saying I'd gone $10 over on my data plan. I'm confused because I should have been connected to the WiFi in my house. Is there anyway I can get these charges reversed?

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Hi Alia, You could try to call Koodo, *611 and discuss it with them, but I doubt you'll get money back. It depends on the circumstances though so feel free to call them! How much data do you have on your plan?
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Also, I guess you maybe forgot to turn mobile data off while you were in the "outside" world?
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Although you "should" be connected to your WiFi while in your house, if there are any weak spots or dead zones in your house, your phone will connect to the cellular data network when there is no WiFi reception. To prevent this from happening, as Robert mentioned, you will need to disable data on your phone.