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Data charged for phone that is out of cell service?

  • 16 September 2022
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I just looked at my first Koodo bill. When I was with Telus previously my data plan was pretty much never over even 1GB let alone up to the 10+GB I had in my old plan hence the switch to a 2GB plan with Koodo to save some money. In tracking my data I saw that on September 12th I was charged the most data out of any of the days on my billing cycle so far. The thing is, I was at my house doing chores the ENTIRE day and didn’t leave my house once. I have no cell service at my house and was logged into my own house wifi. Why is it showing data usage on my bill if I wasn’t even in service at the time? Anyone else have a similar experience? Am I missing something here? I am going to be turning off my cellular data pretty much permanently from now on but I just don’t understand where this is coming from when I hadn’t left my cell-service-less bubble the whole day. 

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The only way for data to be used is if you have cell service.
Is it possible that the phone was able to pick up a tower at some point even though it usually shows as having no service at your house?

As well, were you looking at the tracking on your phone or self serve account? How much data was used in those times?