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  • 29 September 2013
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how do i know what is data and what can i use on my phone and what can't if i don't want to use the data and get charge more per mth. my phone is a samsung 2

4 replies

The way you can see if your using data is by settings, more networks, mobile networks and if mobile data is check, that means your using data. You can always uncheck it if you would like and this will not affect texts or phone calls. Hope that helps. If any questions, comment 🙂
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If you are not on wifi, anything that requires an online concoction (internet, skype, email, etc) will require data.  You also have to be careful of free apps as they have advertising or check for updates which may use data.

To prevent data use you can turn off data on your phone
Menu > Settings > Wireless & Network > Mobile Networks > Uncheck Use Data Packets
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Anything that uses a connection to the internet takes data whether it be using your browser or an app like Facebook, Twitter ect. Certain widgets like the whether widget on your phone will take small amounts of data to get the weather info. Picture messages take data but you aren't charged for that data. I you don't want to use data ever you can call koodo and have a data block placed on your account and won't be able to use data until you call again and have it removed. If you want to use data sometimes then in the settings menu of your phone you can go to - More Settings - Mobile Networks, and uncheck data enabled when you don't want to use it and check it off to use your data / turn data on
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data is when your using internet but not on a wifi network. You can usually see how much data you have left with some applications like "data usage". also to turn off data. settings, then wireless and mobile networks, then at the bottom there should be a box for data roaming from there you can just turn off data