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Customer Service has degraded over the years. I've must of been living under a rock!!!

  • 5 January 2019
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I cannot believe how much customer service has degraded over the years. I became a customer a couple of months after Koodo launched in 2008 and rarely had an issue thankfully.

Last night when I call to inquire on a promotion that was not showing up in my cart when trying to purchase a phone online I was not aware that I called passed their operating hours and it sent me to the virtual assistant. Boy was I in for a surprise...once I booked a callback and went out of the webpage I decided I didn't want one the next day but there was no way to cancel it. This was a start of a long day today.

I decided to purchase the Note 9 after all but wanted the blue one which is no longer available online so I went to a Telus/Koodo store. They suggested I called Koodo to see if I could get a better deal to suit the tab I wanted. First call no deal. Went to PC Mobile shop to ask a few question about another carrier he suggested I call again, only deal I could squeeze out of the rep was $25 to help with the cost of activation, she sent an email and told me she would call back in 10 min to make sure I got it. Waiting in the store for almost an hour no email no call. They checked in their systems and could see the $25 rebate but not for the tab we discussed on the phone and it cancelled my promo which didn't make sense to use the $25 offered.

Decided to call Koodo again when I got home this time wanting to unlock my current phone and cancel my home phone because I was so disgusted with today, The associated didn't ask if there was anything else before transferring me to the cancellation line which I was on hold for over 30 min before I decided I had enough and hung up. Must be a lot of people cancelling. I never got instructions on how to unlock my phone either. What a big shame.

Sorry for the long rant but I am very disgusted and exhausted on how everything went down today and figured if Koodo doesn't want me to buy an expensive phone then I'll go look somewhere else.

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2 replies

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Many things have changed. I saw several issues there:
  • The connection fee is $35 if you choose to upgrade/activate in store. It is waived if you do it online. There is a promotion of $35 in several cases, but the credit would show up in your 3rd bill or so. You need to also confirm with the store in some writing. They should have an email from Koodo.
  • There is no need to unlock your phone, it is unlocked already if you bought your phone after Dec 01 2017. If you have older phones you could do it online https://www.koodomobile.com/help/unlocking-your-phone
  • You called to cancel or you called to see if any extra deal? 30 minutes for cancelling is not that uncommon. I got 2 hours with other carrier before. If you need help you could setup a call back through their bot or send message to their facebook https://www.facebook.com/Koodo If you are serious about cancelling, you can port directly from the new carrier, there is no need to call.
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If you don't care to keep your home phone number and do t opt to port, you're just gonna have to grit your teeth and wait as long as it takes in order to cancel.