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customer service and sim unlocks

I decided I wanted to change phones so i called koodo (from canada) and the lady who answered gave me a number to try. She claimed it was my puk pin or something but the code didnt unlock my sim. So she found another number she was sure was my unlock code.. still unsuccessful.. then again.. so after 3 unsuccessful attempts, this lady tells me i will need a new sim card at 7$ because my puk number is not on file.. so i was wondering what should i do? just buy a new sim or call back and try until it locks the sim? i honestly dont understand why they put a code if not to keep it for use after....n

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Unfortunateky koodo is the only one with the PUK code. U will have to call back. Explain your situation and they should be able to help get u going.
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Hey Jennifer,

Please note that a SIM card is blocked completely after several unsuccessful attempts. If you previously entered the wrong PUK multiple times, you might need to get a new SIM Card. If you still need help, feel free to send us a private message on Facebook and we'll look into this.

Thank you!
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Are you looking for the PUK code or are you trying to unlock your phone to use with another carrier because those are two totally different things and may be why the code you were given is not working?