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  • 23 December 2020
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Is anyone else having issues with talking with a live human? I’m a new customer and haven’t even activated my sim card yet. Somehow this was easy around Black Friday when I placed my order. I thought Koodo’s customer service was excellent. I tried calling, it said due to covid they’re not taking calls and disconnected me and then when I scheduled call backs with the chat assistant numerous times, I had 4 calls with dead ends on the other line. Very disheartening for being a new client.

6 replies

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If you ordered online, then that is the activation.


How did you place your order?  If you ask your question here, we will do our best to help you

How do I talk to a live agent? Is that service not available?

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@jcpc  - Koodo Assist can help answer any questions about your account or service, and also help get you to a rep if needed. You can use it 24/7 at koodo.com/chat

In the meantime, I’ve booked a callback for you to the number ending in 59. You should get a call within the next half-hour or so. 

Hello, thank you for the help. I haven’t received my SIM card yet, so if you’re directing a callback to the number tied to that, then it isn’t going to work. This is what I’m meaning by I haven’t activated yet. As I mentioned in my first post, scheduling a callback with the bot didn’t work. How can I schedule a callback with you without posting my phone number publicly?

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@jcpc - apologies for the confusion. 
Unfortunately we don’t get tracking info for SIM card shipments, but I do see that it was shipped out on Dec 4th. Assuming you’ve already checked all the usual suspects (mailbox, with household members (if applicable) in case they accepted a package on your behalf, etc?)

You can try scheduling a call to a different number we can reach you at, or send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter, and a rep can assist there. 

Thank you, I was able to get through today,