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  • 28 August 2020
  • 4 replies

After 4 months waiting to actually talk to a customer service representative I'm deeply disappointed with the service I received today I was overcharged after changing my plan and it is still not resolved

4 replies

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Hey, @Gdoodle - was there a reason you had to wait 4 months to get in touch? Sorry, just not clear on why we couldn’t connect sooner?

From looking at the account, it looks like the rep was able to explain why some of the charges in question were valid, and what they could do to help with the others. Is there something in particular about the conversation and their offer that wasn’t satisfactory to you?

I waited 4 months because i called several times and got a recorded message from koodo about limited service during Covid and then it always hung up my call.

Changed my plan to unlimited calling minutes.  I still  had 12 minutes left on my  previous plan.  

Charged  $12.60 in overcharges, the transition in changing plans should be seamless,  i should not lose my old plan minutes then have NO minutes and be charged for  calls when i changed my plan. 

Koodo customer for 11 years and have 2 phones on my plan.  Terrible customer service, looking at other cellphone options 

Numerous posts complain about the lack  of customer service at koodo...shameful 

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So, sound like the charges are because of proration. It's valid charge. 

You mentioned you called them , but they always ended up hung up. Have you tried to set up call back during those times?   Many people had problems because of covid, but many many people got a lot of help from Koodo too.

You can try set up call back and talk to a rep and tell them your issue.    Or, yes moving to other providers is another option too if you feel they are so terrible.