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Customer Rewards Program

The implementation of a rewards program designed benefit both Koodo and the customer. 

EX) If customer pays bill before or on date of bill payment they receive 10 Koodo Coins. These coins can be collected and then spent on purchases at a special rewards Koodo store (such items as DVD's, Cineplex movie offers, passes to Wonderland, Harvey's/McDonald etc) Additionally, if customer makes 6 payments on time, bonus Koodo Coins will be issued. * Coins and bonus Coin amounts to be discussed. 

Benefits both partys because Koodo will receive more payments on time because of incentive to win/purchase items and customers will be more enticed to pay bills on time because they can save and purchase items. 

Additionally, Koodo can have contests once a month for a chance to win Koodo coins by entering the contest and / or giveaway coins. 

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