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Customer Retention efforts?? NO promos available to existing customers...

What is the incentive for customers to upgrade their phones if all the PROMOS are for NEW activations only??? Very irritating... I want to upgrade but none of the promos are applicable... I'm considering going elsewhere...

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Hi Margie, Technically, there is one promo on now that you would qualify for... if you wanted to upgrade your phone to an Iphone 4S, you would get $50 worth of accessories, and two $50 Prepaid Visa cards. Though with the phone being as old as it is, it may or may not be worth it 🙂. Of course, if your Tab is in the positive, that's an incentive of sorts for getting a new phone as well....Koodo is rewarding your loyalty to them by making your next phone a little cheaper for you! Sorry there isn't more Margie, but it's better than nothing 🙂.
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All the plan promos available to existing customers just like new ones. And just like the previous poster use your tab to make your next phone less expensive.
Who wants to "upgrade" to an iphone 4 though? They are a few months away of being obsolete like the iphone 3 is now.
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Pineapple wrote:

Who wants to "upgrade" to an iphone 4 though? They are a few months away of being obsolete like t...

For some people, an iPhone 4 would be an upgrade.
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The incentive to stay with Koodo is that there is a very good chance that your 2 year old plan is a lot better than any current plan. Even with a phone promo, you are better off over a two year period to pay more for your phone on your awesome plan than to switch to a poor plan but get a great deal on a phone
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I'm just not sure where you can go. "Elsewhere" isn't any friendlier price-wise than Koodo, unless you have a 4th player in your market.