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Customer Retention

Today’s generation is into bigger and newer is better.  We have all lost in a way commitments and are always trying to find the newest best deals which makes the customers today so wishy washy.  What if we had just as good incentives to keep the customers that we already have?  In terms of new clients there will always be new clients but how do we make them stay.  What if we offered them something that no one else is offering. Once a year we all have those months where we either go over our phone plan limits or accidently make a life altering call when we are in the US.  What if once a year we are able to look at the past years phone bills and you offer a rebate of 20% of the highest bill of the year?  Then people begin to look at the overall picture.  Shows that you care about the customer and you are not offering a full month phone bill free, but you are letting your long term clients know you care for them.  If 20% is too high, Maybe ever start with 5% every 2 years you are with Koodo.  The longer you stay after 10 years maybe a discount on 25% of a major bill payment.  You are building committed clients but also long term clients.  Everyone can’t pass up a good deal!

Also on a side note really loved the $1.00 off the plans! Great Idea

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