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customer care doesn't

just wrote Koodo customer care, they had problem porting my number texted me to call them changed something to my sim only (added) changed my telephone number and didnt bother to tell me....customer care I pay my bill and find out why so few calls stay away from company that screws u and then doesnt tell you? My number was mine for over 4 years and they "f'ed this up" I dont think its a local number...oh BTW I just received the letter dated march 17th about calling customer care

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Hi Paul, ack! Sounds like you got the rough end of a stick! So how come they changed your phone number all of a sudden, was that a mistake? Anyway you better call them (instead of just writing, though it's good to vent) and have them sort it for you... I too hate it when things go wrong like that 😞
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So...how can we help you here? What was the problem with the port?
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When porting a number there are two possible outcomes: number is ported over and becomes a koodo number or there is a problem and the number remains the property of the old provider. Which company were you porting from? Yesterday, at least, Bell was having issues completing ports because their systems were down.
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You never explained how your number was "lost". What did the rep tell you?
Mr. Paul, your best option is to find out what happens for the port process to fail. - Was the number still active with the old provider? - Have you provided the correct account number of the old provider to koodo? If your answer to those 2 questions are yes, then you need to inquire more about by contacting customer service via *611 or 1-866-995-6636