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Customer care call back not working

  • 6 June 2019
  • 4 replies

I scheduled a call back to customer service & i am getting calls every five minutes once with the automated voice 'sorry we missed your call. we will call you back shortly'. Seems very weird & that is not solving my problem of connecting with a human to discuss my actual problem.

Is there any other way to reach customer service and talk to a human 🤔

4 replies

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What's happening, maybe we can help you somehow or get someone to help?
@Chad Burr hi. i am just trying to talk to customer care. scheduled it through their chat-bot. I got three calls at the scheduled times - one after another with 5 minutes interval. They all say the same automated voice mesage and disconnected the call.
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Oh I'm sorry yes I meant, what are you calling about. Maybe we can figure it out here.
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That's weird, doesn't it say to press any key to continue? Maye you didn't and it cut off?