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Curtis made my day

Hello My name is Claudia Kelly. On Sunday I went to Koodo with an old Koodo phone they set me up and everything and it was not working. Today Monday the 16th I called this morning and tech support tried to help me. After no avail I was thinking in canceling my phone. In the Cancelation department they offered me a credit for $150 to get a new phone. I took the offer and got my daughter a new Samsung Evergreen. the guy at the kiosk was very helpful but could not get the sim card to work. He told me to take it home and said it would work in a bit. After not working for a bit I was getting frustrated. I then Ended up in tech with Curtis (Employee ID 140680) He was very helpful and patient with me. I know glitches can happen in the system but at first I had not hope with getting a working phone with Koodo. Curtis fixed the problem within minutes and now I am having fun texting funny messages to my daughter. Thank you Curtis for fixing my problem and making both me and my daughter smile.

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Are you sure it was a "credit" for $150? I think the rep meant he will put the $150 on your tab so you don't have to pay anything up front for a new phone
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Ahmad wrote:

Are you sure it was a "credit" for $150? I think the rep meant he will put the $150 on your tab s...

It's still a credit towards the tab balance. Depending on how close she was towards the positive.
I dont qualify for a tab because of my credit. I have a -125 on my account. I don't pay anything for my phone
my daughter loves her Samsung Evergreen. I don't plan on canceling but if I did I would owe nothing on the phone. I have only had the account for 3 days.