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Not sure that this idea, but you  don't have a category for less than enthusiastic feedback (no praise, sorry) .....

I bought a Motorola X-Play in December and paid for the extended warranty plan right then and there ($130?).

Over the course of the first 6 months
a) the charger cable broke (I was traveling, so just discarded it),
b) the little sled that holds the SIM/SD card broke,
c) I had unlimited hassle with the SD card (which wasn't fixed by buying a new SD card, by the way)

(And to provide context: I owned an Iphone 4S for 5 years and NOTHING on that phone EVER broke, by which I want to say, I don't usually break my electronics)

Still, I do love my Moto and when I finally brought it to Koodo's Kiosk for repair I wasn't bothered that
i) it would take a week to repair and
ii) you didn't want to replace the charger cable (because I couldn't produce the broken one),

BUT what really bothered me was that you gave me the poor excuse of a loaner phone in the shape of a pre-historic Samsung GT-S7560M.

I: It was so slow that .... utterly frustrating
II: the screen so dim that I couldn't use it outdoors (which I stopped trying after I had accidentally dialed international numbers while attempting to navigate the device in broad daylight)
III: I couldn't install vital applications (namely whatsapp ... I think the phone was too slow, the validation failed several times).

The communications emergencies that I encountered during this week are too numerous to detail, friendships and family relations were strained.

And here IS an idea: how about making sure that repairs are delivered on Saturdays, as well. Because of Canada day it actually OVER a week for my phone to arrive back at the kiosk  AND  you also didn't send me that text message that my phone was ready for pick-up. Remember? You promised you would in your "We have received your repair" email.

OK, here is some praise:
1. Your staff at the kiosk was completely supportive, when I showed up a after having tried to work with that phone. She would have wanted to make things better and told me that she was trying to get better phones for clients - I hope you help her (and other client) out.

2. Also, I AM grateful that you allowed me to unlock my new phone after one month, only, (because I have been a long-term client in good standing, etc.) .... that was helpful.

3. And the few times that I screwed up (using more minutes than covered by my plan because of an emergency and misunderstanding the terms of the US Roaming Bundle), you gracefully reversed the (excessive) charges. Again ... much appreciated.

Still .... those loaner phones are waaaaaaay below any standard.

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Sorry for all the issues, but im glad to read that you still have good faith with Koodo and that some things were eventually resolved for you. The loaner thing is a HUGE issue that alot of customers do not like. Having good phones for customers are always an issue as the good phones usually go out right away when available. Ill pass the msg to our community manager about the loaner phone issue.
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Would you mind sharing the location of the Koodo store location you took your phone to be sent out? I want to better understand why they didn't have a  reasonable like-for-like temp phone. Thanks for your thorough feedback though and I will take it back to our team for looking at opportunities to fix things if they are broken.
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Bernard wrote:

Would you mind sharing the location of the Koodo store location you took your phone to be sent ou...

It's the Koodo Kiosk at the Halifax Shopping Centre. AND .... the bad news is that my phone seems to have disappeared, BUT the good news is that your system doesn't seem to be broken (I didn't receive the SMS, because the phone was never received at the kiosk ... despite the info in the online tracking status ....., so they are looking for my phone now .... funny, eh?)
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What's the point of an extended warranty? They obviously didn't give you any service above and beyond the standard guarantee period.

Maybe I'm a geek, but for any charging or other minor issues, my local friend is the Dollar store or the internet. I'd rather spend a bit of time searching for a solution or springing for a new cable than deal with the phone being sent off to limbo.
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BobTheElectrician wrote:

What's the point of an extended warranty? They obviously didn't give you any service above and be...

That is an accurate observation, Bob. And the what I am experiencing is not what I expected. Of course, I did buy my charger cable elsewhere months ago, but it was a nice cable .... nice and meaty. The new one is ..... well, cheap.  I was kinda hoping  they would replace it - it's always good to have a back-up on hand. I probably should have kept my old phone for that very reason.  Ah well ... hindsight is ...