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Credit bureau report differs from Koodo bill?

Why is the balance on my credit report what it is? It isn't reflecting the actual balance of my Koodo bill? Should it not be the same, or am I just confused as to how it works/how it is reported to the credit bureaus? I am new to monitoring the credit score stuff, so I am just learning how it all works. But if someone knows why Koodo reports a different amount than what is actually owed, then I would appreciate it.. I thought at first it was the tab balance, but no it is not. It is a completely different number than what the bill and/or what the tab is. Thanks in advance.

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I would recommend calling customer service to make sure you don't have a closed account with an amount owing that you don't know about or maybe don't remember.
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What does your bill amount say and at what date? What does your credit report amount say and at what date?
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I don't believe that various credit reporting services have "real-time" updates to various bills. It may be that this was your balance owing at the time of the last check (by the bureau, not by you). I could be wrong. I'd follow Mathieu's suggestion to call in. 611 from your Koodo mobile, or:

Thanks people of the community. I did end up calling in, and they are unsure as to why it says this amount, as it has said this amount for a couple of months there now. I am not crazy bothered by it, as I am not delinquent or anything. I was just curious as to how they came up with the number that is posted on the credit report. I did not assume that the credit report would post daily by any means. But I do know that monthly Koodo does report to them, which it tells me in the report itself. It is all good. Just a wondering thought. Thanks again people.
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They report the amount on your bill every month. You might be looking at the wrong place.