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Create customer Cancellation Callback RE-Greeting list?

  • 6 November 2012
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Have a list of customers that have churned to see if the Customers that have left koodo are interested in returning back with koodo after they have had the opportunity to try other providers?

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2 replies

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I am not sure if Koodo is using this method yet, but I know that Bell is harrassing their churned customers, I canceled my account longtime ago, and they called me back to find out if I am interested in coming back without any incentives, they just suggested I can create new account cause old account cannot be reactivated, what!!!!????
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Yeah, I'm not for this... I'd hate for the companies I switch from to call back and harass me... I'd lose respect for them, too. Koodo has an open door policy and the prices alone will be enough to bring people back, if they aren't happy after switching. Also, the problem with switching and trying to come back will be posed by the other carriers who like to lock their customers in and make them pay to leave.