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Coverage in Southern Ontario ?

Looking to jump to Koodo from Rogers and I am getting the Rogers spiel that Koodo coverage is southern Ontario is not good and I will find dropped calls and no reception inside buildings. Can people please comment on their experiences in southern Ontario....Thanks

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You can also refer to the coverage MAP, this will give you a very good idea on what to expect when it comes about coverage... Even though reality may be different once you are on site... http://help.koodomobile.com/coverage-long-distance-and-travelling/coverage-maps You can also check this link to see towers around your place and what to expect... http://www.loxcel.com/celltower
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Of course Rogers would tell you that.....I don't think koodo would get the good reputation they have if they had problems with their network which happens to run on telus. Koodo won the jd power award again this year which shows that ehy are doing much better than some of the other. On the same survey |rogers came in dead last. Go figure! 🙂
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Hi Dave, rest assured that we have an excellent coverage in Southern Ontario! Furthermore, you have 14 days to change your mind: http://koo.do/JSqYkk. Plenty of time to check if you get better reception 🙂 We hope to welcome you soon in the Koodo family! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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Hey btw, if you have a cabin up north, you will get very bad reception. Rogers and Koodo are pretty much the same in terms of reception quality in high density populated areas, but get out of southern Ontario (like northern Ontario or Northern Québec and in many parts of Gatineau) and you will see that their reception is inexistant or very bad.