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Continually charged HST despite moving to Alberta 1 year ago.. Koodo help not much help so far

  • 11 November 2012
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Why am I still being charged HST when I moved to Alberta a year ago? I have called/emailed Koodo 4 or 5 times, and each time, they happily admit their error and say they have fixed the problem, but the problem persists. Also, my local friends are being charged LD, and my friends back in BC are also being charged LD when they call me. I still have a 250 number, not a 780 number, but I was told by the local Koodo rep (kiosk) that this was fine. Is this the problem? Koodo reps say no but I wonder. I like Koodo but I am getting really frustrated and I am thinking of cancelling.

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3 replies

To not get charged HST you would need an alberta number. You are charged the tax of the provicne that your phone number is located in, not your physical location. I remember having to deal with this issue a coupel of years ago when I was in the Ottawa area and I was being charged a quebec tax despite my number being an Ottawa number. It was a really weird situation.
Ah, okay, that's what I thought.. thanks for your help 🙂
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It's also why your local (northern Alberta) friends are being charged long distance, they are calling your BC number. No idea why your BC friends would be getting charged however.