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coming from a high cancelation fee

I'm switching over to Koodo from a company that offered less than 0 customer service. I have to pay the cancelation fee of $320 and the phone from koodo is around the same price in store. Would Koodo allow me/do you think, they would let me pay $150-$200 and charge the rest to my account?

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Alas, Dana, Koodo does not offer to pay any cancellation fees for another company... however they do have some nice deals on new phones etc 🙂
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Dana, since you're buying out the phone from your last provider anyway, why not use it on Koodo? If it's compatible, you just need to unlock it first and you're good to go! You can also opt to save 10% off your monthly bill since you're bringing your own phone 🙂
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If you want a new phone from Koodo you can indeed put part of the price of the phone on the tab and you will pay part of it off each month through tab contributions and/or tab charges which are dependent upon which tab size you choose and plan. Go into a koodo kiosk and they can explain your options and get you out the door witha ggreat new device and a smile on your face.