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will my monthly plan specs change over time like reducing my monthly data or no more unlimited Canada wide long distants or local calling and charge me the same or force me to change to a different plan and charge me more for less when there was nothing wrong with the last plan

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Anything is possible James. Prices for everything change frequently. That said your plan is what is and koodo hasn't changed past plans as far as I know. The per second billing change was the biggest change but existing customers could keep it if they wanted it.
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Hi James, The plans that Koodo offers will change over time. Your plan will not change, except if you switch plans. As long as you keep your current plan, the features of your plan will not change. You will keep the same monthly data, the unlimited Canada-wide calls and the same plan fee.
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This includes add-ons as well. If you currently have it, it wont change, even if they remove the add-on in the future (like the Caller ID add-on). But if you didnt get it when it was available then you are out of luck. Or if you removed it, you wont be able to add it back on (just like the old grandfathered plans)