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Closing account from abroad/ Koodo Twitter response time

  • 28 September 2022
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I have been attempting to close my Koodo account from abroad and it is a terribly frustrating process. I do not have Facebook, nor Twitter until a few days ago... I just started a Twitter account with the sole purpose of shutting this account down. I have left a DM to Koodo for more than 48 hours with no response yet. How long am I expected to wait to receive a response?

Seems absurd that a communications company is so out of touch, and makes it exceedingly difficult to perform a basic service.

Thanks for your time.

1 reply

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Hello @sanglier6666! We apologize for the delayed response, we’re currently experiencing a higher than usual number of requests.

We can see that one of our colleagues has already left a reply on Twitter in the meantime; feel free to get back to us anytime and we’ll certainly do our best to assist you ASAP.