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Clarification for free call to Iran

  • 28 September 2022
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I am a koodo customer with (Removed sensitive information) account number.

I am an Iranian and as you are aware of the situation on my country, the government has limited Internet and we are not able to reach our families.


Since yesterday there is message circulating between the Iranian communities saying that you offer free call to Iran from Canada , just I wanted to confirm with you if this is correct? I hope yes.

And if yes please put on your website to inform people officially as we have no twitter account all.


Many thanks


Best answer by Boa_Guy Koodo 28 September 2022, 19:50

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16 replies

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Hi there @hhemmatjou !

We’re sorry to hear that you are affected, and we understand this may be an incredibly stressful time for you and your loved ones. To help keep you stay connected to your family and friends …


From September 27 – October 14, 2022, we are proactively waiving pay-per-use charges for international long-distance and text messaging made from Canada to Iran. 


We are currently working on a message for our website as well. 


Hope this helped. 

Many thanks and have a good day,

 Hello @Boa_Guy Koodo,
Is it like that we have to activate the long distance adds-on first and then make a call to IRAN ? or we can directly call the target number without any prerequisite settings ? 

should we wait for the official notice on the website? 

Is this working for all plans including prepaid ones? 





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@SOH  This is only possible on postpaid accounts. The only thing that would need to be added if you don’t already have it, is the “Per Per Use Intl Long Distance” add-on. 



Would you please confirm if I can call Iran with these add-ons on my profile? It seems that “Pay-per-use Intl long distance”add-on is active on my profile. Thank you so much, 

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@Asieh  Yes, you are good to go! :) 

Thank a lot.

@Boa_Guy Koodo thanks!

This is not true. I got charged more than two dollars per minute for distance call to Iran

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This is not true. I got charged more than two dollars per minute for distance call to Iran

You are charged for the calls, then on the next bill you will receive a credit for those charges.


I couldn’t talk to anybody at Koodo customer service because of weekend but I couldn’t wait and I had to call to my country because of my family in Iran!

i still couldn’t see today usage but on yesterday usage I see this charge! Please don’t tell me Koodo didn’t give right or enough information for usage during this hard situation to us!



Is the call to iran for free at the moment? Because i called iran and saw it on my payment even though its supposed to be free till 14 October. Can you please tell me the policy about it?

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@Sherryrs & @Avabrik - It looks like both of you made the calls to Iran on the last day of your cycle. It’s normal to see the charge in your usage since the credit should be applied directly to the invoice.

The credit should be applied to the invoice that is currently being prepared but since the call took place on the last day of the cycle, there is a small chance the credit will only appear on the following invoice. 

Thank you!

see we can call to Iran without getting charge for now till 14 Oct! Should not be worry for what shows under long distance usage!

Is there any limit? Minutes?


my bill came and they charged me!