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choosing a 416 number while living in brampton

I live in Brampton (mailing address) and I was given a 289 number. 
I went online and changed it to a 416 number for convenience.

My question is will that present a problem?
Will Koodo all of a sudden yank it away? (because I don't live in Toronto)

Brampton is literally in the GTA.

Well the question I ask is, are you able to maintain a number different from your  area code (mailing address)?

I am not worried about them taking away the plan, I am more worried about the number.
We plan on giving it to our family and friends. I don't want to inconvenience them with another number change. 

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Hi ilovechicago, you shouldn't have any issues since it's in the same province especially if you have a Canada wide calling plan and not local calling plan since pricing is dependant on province not city. I think Koodo only concerned about ppl getting out of province plans where pricing differs drastically, you should be fine.
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Paul "Kid Android" Deschamps wrote:

Hi ilovechicago, you shouldn't have any issues since it's in the same province especially if you ...

I second this. I've had a Toronto number since I signed up with Koodo 5-6 years ago and I'm in Thunder Bay.
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Roar wrote:

You can change your number to any city or province you want. Koodo will not change your number. I...

Actually Koodo is and has been actively kicking ppl off out of province plans and making ppl call in to get the Quebec/Alberta plans for awhile now to make sure they're in those provinces so they do care.
I have a plan that is compatible with Ontario.

The reason for my worry:
koodo initially gave me a random Brampton area code number, which I manually changed online to a Toronto number by manually selecting city: Toronto and choosing a 416 area code. I live in Brampton and my mailing address is also Brampton.

I was worried they might yank it away or the system might default me back to a random Brampton number. Updating phone numbers is a hassle.

Coming from another carrier I have to say I'm thus far very happy with the reception, customer service and this online community.

Side questions: is Koodo running on the same identical network as Bell and Telus? And does Koodo get less priority than the Bell or Telus?

Thanks to everyone for their help. Sorry if I asked any silly questions.