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Check if a message was recieved

I've sent some messages to someone on a different carrier (Rogers) and I'm not sure if they were ever received. It's from an iPhone to an iPhone (mine is 5c, not sure what the other one is.) I know for sure when I was with Virgin Mobile just a few days ago they never received my messages, so I was wondering if maybe the same is still happening, and if there was anyway I could check. They have an Alberta area code, which could be causing some problems. (Although we are both in Ontario).

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There's no way you can check if they received the message(s) unless you actually ask the other person if they did.
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Hey Joshua! Both of you should go into settings, messages, make sure send as sms is turned on(it helps with allot of issues) also check under blocked and make sure you one of you haven't blocked each other by accident, (it happens) 😃, it this doesn't work try turning on and off the phone, toggle airplane mode, hard reset holding down the power button and home button until the apple logo appears on the screen, if this all fails, you can call customer service and speak with technical support and they can do some troubleshooting.
I did ask them and they didn't receive it, and since I recently switched carriers and phones I assume its a problem on their end. Thanks for the help!