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Check at Home for Koodo Approval

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Just a thought (not sure if possible or even legal to be honest) but what if koodo offered some sort of check and see if you qualify for services at home. Obviously people wouldn't be able to actually activate anything but it would be nice if a customer could just go to the koodo website put in their info and it would tell them whether or not they would be approved and for what they are approved for. This would help the in store experience be much smoother for both the sales reps and customers because they would already have a pre-conceived idea on what they should be looking for. And would also help people from walking away and trying another company after they have been sold on a high end phone and then find out they were only approved for service and no TAB. I don't really see a down side too it (other than the difficulty of setting it up) koodo wouldn't be on the line for anything and it would help bring potential customers in that already know they can get onto koodo.

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Thinking of the entire security thing that is involved with doing this, I would recommend against it. Just think of the huge security hole that could present itself. The more personal information you can put on a website (such as a credit check) the more chances that identity theft and breaches of trust can occur. 

On another note, it costs Koodo money every time someone does a credit check so people will definitely abuse the system and some people may just check it and go elsewhere either way. By doing it the way they currently do, they have a higher chance that the customer will actually stay at the current retail locaiton they are at and since they got approved, they will get their phone right there.
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Mathieu wrote:

Thinking of the entire security thing that is involved with doing this, I would recommend against...

Fair enough I more than realize that there would be a lot of issues working out the logistics and I didn't realize it actually cost the company money to run a credit check (my apologies for that one). The whole point of the idea is to try and help the in store process become a little bit easier as someone who has been on both ends, selling and purchasing cell phones, I know one of the most frustrating things is going through a full pitch and process for a phone and plan plus accessories that sales reps are able to convince who ever into getting and then subsequently saying sorry but you didn't get approved. This process alone can take up too an hour to get through and in that time other customers have left or gone to check the competition or just become growingly frustrated making it harder to help them and potentially loosing a sale or existing customer. Maybe this would be a better idea for the BIG 3 (Rogers, Bell, Telus) to tackle and have just a general phone approval website where people will be told that in general they will be approved for; a phone and service, sim-only services or nothing at all and should look at prepaid. Of course everything would be subject too an actual in store approval but having the customer come in with at least some sort of sense on what it is they should be expecting to get. Sorry for the long rant just something that I think could improve sales and productivity for everyone involved.
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Another problem, for the consumer, if Koodo runs a credit check on them, it counts as a hit on their credit rating (it may not count for much but it still counts.
For example...I go to Wind to decide if I can be a customer there, and get a credit check done, then decide that I like Koodo's plans better, so I go to them (knowing that I have pretty good credit (according to Wind), and in order to get a post paid account, and I need to get another credit check done. Problem is that all these small hits do add up.