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Changing to an iPhone

Hello, I just bought a used Telus iPhone from somebody, i put my sim card with koodo i was using on my old phone in and it was working, but i went to change my phone from a nokia to iphone on the koodo website, and it said that the sim card is in use, but i just wanted to change the phone, i dont want to have to change the card, is there anyway i can change it or do i have to buy a new card?

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You don't need to do anything online. Just put the sim card into the iPhone and that is literally all. Have fun with your iPhone 🙂
but why does it still say i have a nokia as my phone on the website then?
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Because it takes time for the system to see you have a different phone. Furthermore, since it's technically not a Koodo phone, you might not ever see the phone's proper name.
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Just to add, on your new phone you may need to change the APN settings to be able to use Internet & MMS (pic messages)