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changing phone number while waiting for referral credit

Hi, I recently signed up with Koodo referred by my friend.  We are both waiting for the referral bonus.  My question is if I change the number via self-serve now, how would that affect the referral bonus?  Will the system not recognize that I was referred by my friend since it's a different number?  Thanks!

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Hello Andrew. Just to make sure everything goes smoothly I'd wait. Why do you want to change number so soon?
I wanted a number that's easier to remember then the one I signed up with, and since this is a new line I rather do it sooner than later before I give it all out to my friends.

Now the question is; when my friend and I both get the referral bonus, can I change my number then?  or would that break the "90 days active" policy and we would both lose the bonus shortly after getting it?
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It would sure not break the 90 days "active period" but it may complicate the whole referral process. You could ways change your number, but then if you don't get the referral credit (hypothetical), you would need to call Koodo and explain the situation to them.

So, I don't know. I never changed my phone number, so I can't really help you much on that
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I was under the impression that the referral credit is issued by account number, not phone number. As long as you and your friend are customers for 90 days in good standing, the credit will be good to go.
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Hey Andrew, your referral credit should still go through since your account remains active 🙂!  Worst case we will search your account with your old number and find your new phone number. What I suggest doing (just in case) is clicking on "contact us" on the refer a friend page  http://koodo.com/refer  to explain the situation so that the team is aware.  Hope this clarifies things :)