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changing phone

I just bought S3 I few months ago... and now I want Iphone 4s 16gb. Can koodo make the change for me.? And I have a contract with the S3

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You don't have a contract from Koodo you have a tab. When you purchased the S3 you put a specific amount on the tab and paid the rest in cash. To upgrade to a new phone you'll have to pay off whatever you still owe on the tab from the S3, then you can put part of the new phone (iPhone4s) on the tab again and pay the rest at the time of purchase. Personally I think your downgrading going from the S3 to the iPhone 4s but hey to each their own I guess.
Thanks.. the reason I want to iPhone is because the S3 is too slow.
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Just to add to this, Koodo doesn't sell the 16 GB iPhone 4S, just the 8 GB one. If you want 16 GB one you can get it unlocked from Apple directly and use it one Koodo without paying off your Tab.
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I would recommend the Nexus 5 instead. It's leagues above both of the phones mentioned here and it's an affordable price.