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Changing number

I am trying to chane my number to an existing land line number. When I fill in all the fields correctly i get this message We are experiencing difficulties in processing this request. Please contact 1-866-99-Koodo for additional assistance When I call that number I cannot find any way to talk to a person or even a machine that can help. Help...

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Try to choose option 6 for technical support. or keep pressing 0 to get a rep.
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You mean you tried to change it on koodo's website? The change you want is not really a simple change as you are trying to port in your existing landline number. Let us know how you make out. I'm curious.
Think I found the problem. Seems that everything in the form that must be filled out has to be in caps. They don't tell you this anywhere in the form. Finally got hold of tech support. by calling on my cell multiple times and keying in wrong numbers to their menu selections. We'll see in a few days whether it worked.