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Changes to Tab program

I upgraded my phone a little while ago.  I was informed that Koodo no longer shares the cost of the phones, and as I was discussing the pros / cons / prices of the products I noted a poster with your motto for the year, "Choose Happy.'  I also noted the bonuses offered to new customers. I understand why these bonuses are offered only to new customers. But as a returning customer, I'm not too happy with the fact that not only do you not offer anything to returning customers, but the Tab program changed so that I now get to pay the same for a phone that was, at the time 2 generations old, as my friend did when it was new to the market. This is simply because your company has decided to change the program.  I don't understand how saving me a big $1.00 per month on the plan I already have is supposed to get me excited or "happy". At least if Koodo doesn't want to pay, I believe it was about 1/2 the cost of the phone or something, that the company could at least offer $100.00 in bill rebates to make up for both the program change and the no bonuses offered to returning customers.  Just a thought - so maybe we can "be happy" with Koodo.  Also, you may want to increase the survey time to 2 weeks, some of us aren't glued to our emails. Thanks

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Well said Carla