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Change name on phone

How do I change the name and the pin on my daughters phone. I don't remember the original pin I used and I need to change it to her name.

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Are you talking about on the account itself?
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The pin is the same for all phones on the same account. There really isn't a need to change the name unless she's taking over the line herself on her own account.
It seems like that without the pin i'm up a creek
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Call customer service at 1-866-995-6636 or you can dial *611 from your Koodo phone and tell them you forgot your Pin #. They will ask you multiple questions to verify you as the right account holder. Then they will reset your Pin#. And are you asking about transfer of ownership?
Yes, I'm transferring the ownership.
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To do a Transfer of Ownership: Call to start the TOWN. -Your daughter then calls in to complete it. -For her to complete it, she needs 2 of the follow 3 pieces of ID(sin, drivers, credit card) -once credit check is complete and she can have service, the transfer will be completed -$25 fee on new account.
Thanks Myke. We'll do that. I never thought about the credit check.