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I have a galaxy from Koodo that is currently in a friends name because i didn't have proper ID at the time. Now we would like to change the account into my name (i have the ID now) she lives a bit out of town, would she be able to give me a written consent email or letter to give to a Koodo koosk or email Koodo herself saying she wants to change the account into my name?

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You will need to both go to a Koodo Shop with 2 pieces of ID.
They run a soft credit check and swap the account over to you.
I'm not sure if you can both be in different Koodo shops. 
Best thing to do is call and ask.
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Hey there! Your friend would need to call in and authorize a Transfer of Ownership of her account. The account needs to have been active for a minimum of 90 days and be in good standing (active, no past due balance). Once the Transfer of Ownership has been initiated, you would have 10 days to call us back by either dialing *611 from your Koodo phone or 1-866-995-6636 from another device. Make sure that you know the PIN to the account. The agent that you speak with will do a credit check with you over the phone. You will need 2 pieces of ID to complete the credit check, and you have the choice between a canadian credit card, your SIN number or your drivers license number. If the credit check goes through, the account will be moved over to your name. Please take note that there is a $10 fee to complete a Transfer of Ownership. Hope this helps! 🙂