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Cellular Data Service Sharing (Share your Phone data plan with your own devices)

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Hello, I've been a koodo prepaid customer for about two years now. So.. I'm a bit ADHD \ Dyslexia, So bear with me. I have been recently thinking about buying an i-pad with Cellular service. BUT!.... I have also been thinking about getting a 3g wireless card for my IBM laptop BUT ALSO... I have a Acer netbook that I want to install a 3g card in to. But Also!!!! I've been looking at routers that can fall back on to cell service for when my cable internet provider is down. ...Yes... I am a Tech Geek!!!!!! Anyways, I've herd of providers in the states doing (4 phones on one bill) Where the phones connected to the bill share the services (family plans) Now, I'm a single man, with no kids or betterhalf. So what use is a family plan to me? I've never been able to get my android phones to tether successfully to my laptops. To be honest, I rather not use tethering at all because it eats the batt. quickly. So what is my Idea you may ask? Well, it sounds convenient.... I would like to see the ability to add a data sim to my account The second sim device then would share the same data plan as the Phone. So lets say a person has a 1gb plan, They could freely use that 1gig how ever and where ever they want on there cellphone or cellular table or Internet Stick or wifi puck or where ever they stick the secondary sim in to. This would take out the complicated headache called tethering. A typical person many not even know how to set up tethering. I would suspect many i-Pad cellular users would love this! Why have 2 data plans? I would also assume that many canadiens that are out of regular high speed internet would also love this because then they don't have to pay rogers\bell for there internet stick and a seperate cellphone bill. They could just get a koodo stick that shares the same data allotment as there koodo phone. There is no provider in canada that does this. and i want to stick by koodo all the way! So any questions?

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Actually Rogers, Bell, and Telus all offer this feature as they are the "premium" providers with ...Super duper over priced! The people know what 4g is capable of. When is the luchadoor guy goanna smash the big three bosses? While bringing north America to our our back yard with our crazy roaming. with amazing prepaid!
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Actually Rogers, Bell, and Telus all offer this feature as they are the "premium" providers with more products/services and have high data allotments (albeit overpriced). I wouldn't mind seeing the option, but I don't know how big the demand for it is.