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Carrier Subsidized Wearables!!

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Imagine a world where you could walk into your local Koodo store and add $15 a month to your bill for your favorite wearable device!!

Telus is rolling out the apple watch very soon, and i totally understand that something like this is much more a Telus thing than a Koodo thing.

But I wish we could actually receive a subsidy on these devices by tacking them onto our plans.
It will be easy to come up with reasons why Koodo will not implement this.
But I would be doing myself a disservice by not at least putting the idea out there.

Especially around xmas time!!


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People are already not happy about having to subsidise their own phones. Neat idea, but Koodo should get into tablets and data-only plans before anything else.
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Considering that many wearables cost as much as a smartphone (or more, in the case of the Apple Watch), I don't think that this would pay off for Koodo.