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Cannot add a second line or talk to anyone??

  • 17 February 2021
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I ported over from Rogers last week and my line went through smoothly. We tried to do the same with my husband’s line and cannot get anything to work. We tried online twice and both times, the website couldn’t find his credit bureau information (which we checked and we know exists, so not sure what the problem is). I went in store and we spent two hours with the rep there, first trying to add it as a second line on my account, and then trying to open one under his name, and neither time could we even get to the credit check part to find out if it would work because there was apparently some issue with porting his number? I asked if we could get assigned a random number and port online later, and was told no, he would be getting a brand new number and couldn’t get his old one back. I’m now trying to schedule a call back and being told they’re too busy to call me back, and have I tried self serve?


Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this, or how to speak to an actual human?


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To add a second line so soon after the first, indeed you will to talk to a customer rep. If you can’t get a call back, you could visit a store or contact them through Facebook or Twitter DM.