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Cancelled order?

  • 16 September 2020
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I was so excited to receive the XS Max (CPO) when I ordered it on 09/13. I just checked to see it’s shipping status and saw it was cancelled. 

I never got a notification that my order was cancelled, or any communication about this. 

Can someone please help me? I still want this order and did not cancel it myself!

Thank you in advance :)


6 replies

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Hello, the phone that you ordered was a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) device which we stocked out of. Our CPO supply team was not expecting more of you order device, and since CPO phones cannot be ordered from the manufacturer you order was cancelled. If you would like I can have an agent reach out to you to assist in placing an order for a comparable CPO device. The memory size, or colour may differ from you originally requested phone. If you would like that, please email koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com, and reply to this thread, and I will prioritize your call back with the customer service team. 


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Probably a combination of (phone order) backlog and (support system) overload.

Best bet is to send an email to the web store koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com, explain your situation and ask them for guidance on best way to get XS Max

Thank you @JohnM Koodo ! I sent an email to koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com.


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Thank you @JohnM Koodo ! I sent an email to koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com.


I let the customer service agent manager know! He will assign someone to you case. 

I ordered the P30 lite on Oct 9th and got an email saying it was approved and would ship in 3-5 days. Then yesterday (7 days after order) I got an email saying ordered was cancelled because you were out of stock. But this morning the item is still on your website for even cheaper than before so I placed another order and expect this one to arrive. Please let me know asap cause i don’t want to wait a month and be told its out of stock again. clearly it isn’t. 7788341635

Yes... Koodo did the same thing to me.


I ordered on Oct 14th… CPO phone was in stock that day and several days after as well (as I kept checking the site), my order was approved and awaiting shipment... and now I got a phone call saying it’s cancelled because they are out of stock,… but that’s 5 days later and I would have taken advantage of other offers on their site (that are now gone) if they would have told me that phone was out of stock. Now those other offers are gone as well…


They said to me to wait until Black Friday... maybe there will be more deals then... but they are unreliable and oversell their products (would likely be the same on Black Friday) and they offer no compensation as I phoned customer service and they aren’t willing to help unless I bought a $800-$1000 phone… not interested in that obviously which is why I was looking for that IN STOCK CPO  phone in the 1st place.


They oversell their phones just like airlines used to oversell their seats and long time Kodoo customers like me are “re-accommodated” by trying to upsell me a $1000 phone.


Deceptive advertising and marketing Koodo.  Not happy with the way you are treating your customers and the rep said they have to do this with many customers who they calling and telling they have no stock so it’s a widespread issue and I can only assume it’s a way to try and milk more money out of customers by upselling them.


Good reliable cell network... but abhorrent practice of selling things they don’t actually have and then only offering a discount on much higher priced items.