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Canceling account for a time but use it again without paying $10 monthly fee?

I would like to cancel my account for half a year when I am abroad but will use it again when back. How can I do that without paying for a $10 monthly fee?

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As Rocky said, Chris, there is no way to suspend your service without losing your current plan, you'll have to pick a plan from the available offerings when you come back. You can however keep your number if you port it to a budget service like SpeakOut, it'll cost you $25 + the cost of the SIM card and the number will stay active for 360 days. You could also port to Koodo prepaid, that would cost you $15 every 120 days (but you'll have to keep an eye on the expiry date, for on day 121 you lose your number and of course there is the cost of the prepaid sim itself). Can't think of cheaper alternatives.
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Actually the monthly fee is $15
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There is no way to do that unfortinately without paying the fee. Otherwise you'd have to cancel pay off your tab and reactivate when you get back. Keep in mind you'll lose your telephone # and promotional price plan if you do this.