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  • 22 December 2020
  • 3 replies

Due to Covid-19, now I am in China. Maybe I will saty in China for 10 months. I want to cancel my account but I can not log in Facebook or Twitter. So is there any other solutions?  

Also,I have a two months balance but I did not use the account, is it possible to cancel the balance.

3 replies

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Since you are overseas the only real option is to send koodo a private message via facebook or twitter to cancel.  I recommend using a VPN in order to use Facebook or twitter.

I am in a similar situation. The phone help lines are not working. How can I contact support through email?

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Currently there is no other way to contact Koodo. Either schedule a callback to any Canadian number (can be VoIP) or use a VPN to connect to social media...