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Can you sell motto hints, alcatels watch or motto 360 at the kiosk for subsidized prices?

  • 12 January 2015
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It would be awesome to get some nice accessories straight from the booth.

3 replies

Hi TtDd15, Thanks for the note. Are you suggesting Koodo carry smart watches as part of our accessory lineup in general? Or were you thinking of something like the tab model we currently offer for devices with a monthly bill? Grover
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I agree and would love to see the Moto 360 sold by Koodo if it's the silver model as the black ones kind of blah looking IMO. I'd love to see Koodo offer it and other accessories on the tab like they do with phones. I'm sure many people find a phone they love and have no need to use the tab to upgrade their phone that they're happy with and an extra option to spend it on an accessory would be amazing. I think it would be something new to differentiate Koodo from other carriers.
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You should post this as an idea. Though I wouldn't count on the price being subsidized.