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Can you get a custom phone number with Koodo?

Just interested in the idea since people I know with phones through other companies spent a few bucks to get a completely custom 7 digit phone number whatever they wanted essentially. That plus I don't know how it happens since I don't give my number out and hardly use my phone, I get more calls from random numbers I don't know than anyone else. Surveys, marketers, random local numbers I've never seen before, it's quite annoying. I saw the option to change your number in self serve but that doesn't allow you to change the first 3 digits aka area code + 3 digits. Only the last 4.

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Custom phone numbers are an interesting idea. But if the phone company gives people whatever number they wanted, there will be too many people who have the same number... It has to be whatever numbers are available
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I believe all carriers will only allow for the changing of the last 4 digits as the others are givens for the area you live in (area code) and the first 3 are those allocated to the company when they aquire them. The only way to change those is to port in a present number that you already own from another company. I paid for a custom # from another carrier and was only allowed to choose the last 4 from the available #'s available so I think it's just what koodo allows but Koodo doesn't charge for it where other carriers do.
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Koodo has something like "asian" friendly phone numbers. I saw that the last time I changed numbers. Although, I think all it means that it may not have a 4 (death number) in it.