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Can't sign in to refer a friend

I am a koodo member. Have been for about 2 months now. I am trying to refer a friend on the referral page and it isn't recognizing my account when it tells me to sign in. This is the third time in about a month I have tried to refer someone and it hasn't let me even get past the login page. Please help.

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Hi Marnie, are you on prepaid by any chance? Refer-a-friend is only available for postpaid customers. 😞
No I don't think so. I pay my monthly bill just like any normal phone plan
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What does it say when you log in? Have you made your self serve account online?
Do I have to create a different account than my normal Koodo account to refer a friend? I'm pretty sure I have my self serve account set up as it works perfectly on my phone app
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You need this https://referafriend.koodomobile.com/public/home.pg?lang=en
Hey ! We just need to create a new account ! Refer a friend does not use the same login information as your Koodo account. Once you use your e mail and enter in a new password on the sign up page- you'll give your number and receive a verification number via text to connect with your current Koodo account. Annoying that it doesn't explain for the user to not use their current Koodo log in details ! Urg ! Hope that helps 🙂 xo